About The Founder



Tal Zilberberg, (married + 2)


  • A top senior instructor of traditional karate and self-defense.

     5th Dan black belt in karate and former member in an elite taskforce in the

      military police.

  • certifyed senior trainer of Karate & self defense from the "Wingate Institue collage" recognaized by the ministry of sport in Israel.

  • certifyed senior Fitness trainer. 


Tal is the head and founder of the ITSKS Israeli traditional karate schools. His senior students serve in the most elite units in the "Israeli defense forces" including the "Navy seals", "Air force", "The Unit" and other top military and police units.


Tal is teaching and training the special units of Israeli forces, and also police departments.


His special system of IHTHC that he developed got fast reputation and delegations from south America are already coming to Israel to attend International courses.

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