Special women IHTHC course


Women self-defense qualifications enable women of all ages to learn, in a relative short period, central self-defense techniques specifically designated to provide them with defense tools while attacked.


IHTHC offers two main "women course"


A 3 to 4 hours' seminar or Three-day Workshop. Women IHTHC methods deal with situations from a woman's daily routine, point out scenarios where threat may appear and teaches, systematically, how to maintain your calmness defend yourself counter attack and eliminate danger. Women self-defense sector concentrates on sexual assault scenarios, as they are the central threat for women. Defenses have been modified to accommodate women's physiques and state of mind.Additional issues included in women self-defense have to do with home invasion, third side protection (protecting your children) and using common objects (keys, handbag etc.) to block the assailant and counterattack.

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