Teachers & Educational Staff

Self-Defense Courses


In the last decade we, unfortunately, witness' a growing number of violent attacks within the school walls.

violent incidents and fights between students are happening on a daily basis.

violence against teachers, principals and educational staff by parents and students are frequently happening.


these violent behaviors are both verbal and physical and sometimes end with sever injuries and hospitalizing.


Not only are these attacks vicious but most of the time the teaches are exposed to lawsuits and suspension for trying to defend themselves.


Avoiding a strict and immediate respond in those cases gives a strong back wind for continuing the violence and causing a burnout of the educational staff status and authority.


IHTHC special Teachers & Educational Staff self-defense courses was Designed especially for these events and deliver efficient tools for dealing with those situations. 

we are teaching simple technics for apprehend and cooldown situations. 

also we provide self-defense basic but unique tools that fine tunes the natural instincts and teaches how to neutralize the threats with minimum force and maximum efficiency and with the most sensitive approach.

the course improves the teachers and educational staff self confidence.



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